Questions and Answers



Q: If I can’t attend the Live calls, will replays be available?

A: ALWAYS! Every Live is done on Zoom sometimes with a Live FB stream. Replays will be available within the group or sent to you shortly after they’re done!


Q: How long will I have access to the program?

A: Each program is different. All of them give at least one month access to the group and/or replays.  Some give access much longer. Others, like paid masterclasses, have lifetime access!


Q: Where will the programs be held?

A: All of the programs are currently held on Zoom and/or in a private Facebook group. You will need a Facebook account to access the groups (and the replays on any courses that are not lifetime access).

Access and link to Zoom will be shared with you in a confirmation email after your purchase. 


Q: Are the programs in Danish?

A: No – all programs are in English, unless specifically sold as Danish.


Q: Will there be access to subtitles?

A: Currently that is not provided


Q: Do any of the programs give me access to 1:1 time with Mette?

A: Unfortunately, no. The only way to get Mette 1:1 is to be in one of her masterminds, or 1:1 coaching itself. However some programs have Q&A session where your questions can possibly be answered!


Q: Will there be a Q&A?

A: Many of the Dare to Rest programs do have a Q&A! But not all of them. 


Q: Can I use my purchase as a credit?

A: Only programs that specifically state on the sales page that a credit is available can be used to purchase other programs.


Q: What is the schedule for my program?

A: You will get the start date as soon as it is scheduled! Make sure to check your inbox. When the full schedule is available it will be sent out via email after you’ve purchased. Please be aware that changes to original schedule can occur!